Our Central Station

Monitoring from Washington Alarm and our CSAA Five Diamond certified Central Station provides you with the best in system monitoring. We achieve absolute superiority with our Central Station by adhering to the CSAA’s Five Points of Excellence and providing helpful staff available 24 hours per day to respond to alarms and dispatch police and fire as necessary.

Our Central Station provides:

-24-hour monitoring of your alarm system by our expert technicians.
-73 years of established relationships with local law enforcement
-A well-equipped facility with the best monitoring technology currently available
-Customer support via phone, email, and our website
-Our own secure network that communicates with your system using AES-IntelliNet technology
-Fire Inspection Services
And most importantly our Central Station provides you with our commitment to answer your alarms and be there to keep you, your family, and your business safe. To reach our Central Station, call 206.328.1800 or email cs@washingtonalarm.com. To speak with our staff about monitoring for your system, contact us.