Browse the options below to determine what features to include in your system.

Intrusion Detection

We custom design each security system we install to meet the unique requirements of every business and building in Western Washington, using only proven, top of the line equipment installed by our highly trained technicians. Having a system that works 24/7 will save you and your business time, energy and money.

Fire Detection

Our many years of experience has provided our team with extensive knowledge of local codes and regulations meaning we will design your system to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (fire department) requirements. Rules change drastically from jurisdiction-to-jurisdiction so it is important to have an expert guide you through the process.

Video Surveillance

Our team installs, inspects and maintains video surveillance systems for businesses in the Greater Puget Sound area. We are able to offer many solutions to fit your needs for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether it be large or small applications, retail spaces or warehouses, we can be of assistance.

Managed Access Control

With an Access Control System, you can restrict or grant access through specific doors and gates, control access with schedules for each employee, and keep track of each entry through the access control badge or access control door reader. You can also restrict or grant access on specific doors at specific times.

Environmental Monitoring

Do you have a climate controlled warehouse or storage space? Do you want to be notified if your cooling or heating system fails when you're off-premise? Let us monitor your environments so that you can be confident your environmentally sensitive products are taken care of.

Automation Systems

Automated lighting, heating and cooling provides scheduled control for your business making manual device adjustment no longer necessary. Allow us the opportunity to create comfortable, predictable environments that save you money by maximizing energy conservation.