Industries We Serve

We have over 70 years of experience installing and monitoring fire and security systems in Western Washington. Our subscriber list consists of a wide range of industries and facilities, including the following:

• Commercial Office Space: We offer custom designed systems based on how you use your office space. For instance, you may want cameras to watch employee activity or a server room monitored 24/7 for temperature control or employee access.

• Condominiums/Apartments/Mixed-Use Buildings: Among many services, fire alarm services and elevator monitoring are most commonly requested for condo/apartment applications.

• Department of Defense (DOD): We offer Department of Defense design, installation, monitoring, annual inspections and DOD UL Certificates.

• Financial Institutions (e.g., credit unions and banks): We provide 24/7 monitoring for specific areas, such as areas near an ATM. We can also integrate the security system with an access control system which can be used at branch offices. This allows you to add and delete users and control access for vendors. You may also choose to have a hold up button installed under counter tops or even worn around an employee’s neck.

• Government (GSA): Washington Alarm is a General Services Administration-approved vendor for Digital Monitoring Products.

• Health Care: We develop and install a wide array of systems for hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living centers and clinics.

• Hospitality: We offer separate-area arming security systems. For example, if you need to keep the office section of your restaurant building armed all weekend, yet allow your employees access to the restaurant during the weekend, we can set up codes so that restaurant employees can disarm the restaurant area only.

• Jewelry Stores: If you need UL AA Line Security for your security system, we will design and install a system to meet the requirements for UL Certification, then issue the certificate.

• Manufacturing/Industrial: If you have indoor or outdoor equipment or areas that you want to protect, we offer monitored surveillance systems. We also offer temperature monitoring if you have a freezer or refrigeration system that needs monitoring.

• Retail: If you need to know when your employees are coming and going, we can establish an access control system that will send you text notifications or email reports.

• School Districts and Higher Education: We specialize in monitoring radio traffic of school district security personnel ensuring a quick response in the event of an emergency.

• And More: Mentioned above are a few of the primary industries that we are often recruited to serve; however, we also have experience with many other industries as well and will most likely be able to develop a solution for whatever you may need, regardless of your industry.