Home Automation

Home automation represents the new age of home personalization. Automating your intrusion detection system allows you to set lighting and heating schedules, control locks and outlets remotely, and much more all based on your schedule and preferences. What makes automation most appealing is the fact that you can do this from anywhere in the world. Whether you get hung up at work and need to unlock your doors for a friend or if you are on vacation and wish to set a lighting schedule to appear home, it can all be done from your mobile device or computer. This makes security convenient for you and difficult for thieves to penetrate.

Intrusion Detection

 Entry-level intrusion detection systems use window/door sensors and motion detectors to recognize perimeter breaches. The system is controlled by a control panel and operated via a keypad. The capabilities that intrusion detection systems possess are abundant and vary depending on how advanced the system is. Some advanced systems consist of touchscreen keypads that display weather forecasts, text message updates in the case of potential emergencies, and many more useful features.

Video Surveillance

Integrating a surveillance network in with your automated intrusion detection system allows you to have ultimate control over monitoring your home. Besides the ability to set lighting patterns and control your system remotely, with video surveillance you can also view and control any camera from your mobile device or computer. This guarantees that no matter where you are at or what you are doing, you will have access to all of your home features and cameras right from your pocket.


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